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David Bruno Canadian Politician - David Bruno Politicien canadien
David Bruno Politician - David Bruno Politicien

WelcomeWho is David Bruno

Born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, David’s personal, career and political interests took root at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with Honours. During this time he also served in the Canadian military as a young Second Lieutenant. Following this he went on to complete a Masters Degree in International Relations and Communications in Madrid, Spain. His experience has afforded him rich insight into how different governments function and talk to each other on a diplomatic level. He was granted an internship at the Canadian Embassy in Madrid, where he acted as an interpreter as he is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Some of you know him already from Donato’s Bakery, where he and his family have been making your daily bread for over 25 years and also know how deeply he cares for our community. Today, he humbly asks for your support.

He has a solid understanding of the Canadian political system and wants to use that knowledge to help change the way Northwestern Ontario is perceived. Will you support him in this effort? Come to a meeting and see what he has to offer; sign up here with your feedback and he will contact you directly.
“I am interested in hearing from residents and seeing what we can accomplish together!” ~David

David Bruno Northwestern Ontario - David Bruno Nord-Ouest de l'Ontario

“Throughout my life and career, i’ve always represented and promoted my Region and am now looking for the public’s support as the candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada to help bring the Region to its utmost degree of prosperity..”

David Bruno
Candidate for MP
Thunder Bay - Rainy River

PrioritiesA Vote for Change

“I am proud to announce my running for the nomination to be your Liberal Candidate for the Thunder Bay – Rainy River riding. I want to correct the imbalance of funding priorities. Anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows that Thunder Bay and the Northwest has long suffered from under-representation, and with that, deficient funding. I want to change that by bringing much needed attention and resources to areas they have lacked. Our hospital and health care across our north are two of many examples.” ~David

“I also want to tackle things like revitalising our natural resources, namely our forestry industry. We have a golden opportunity to help battle climate change and pollution by replacing non-biodegradable single-use plastics with biodegradable wood-based products and we can produce on mass here in the Northwest through our renewable forestry industry.” ~David

Are you ready for change?

Become part of the team, and together
we will make life better

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  • This campaign can't only be about me, It must be about us - it must be about what we can do together. It will take our time, our energy, and your advice to push things forward. Let me know when we're doing right, and to let me know when we're not.

  • This campaign has to be about reclaiming the meaning of local community, restoring our sense of common purpose, and realising that few obstacles can withstand the power of thousands of voices.

By myself, this change will not happen, but collectively and with your support we can, and we will make this happen. That’s why I’m in this race. Not just to hold office, but to work with you to transform our community for the better, not just for us now, but for our children and their children to come.

If elected, here are the Issues I will address in Ottawa:



Indigenous Affairs

Work towards improving our partnerships.

Medical Funding

Thunder Bay Regional Hospital needs to expand


Redevelopment of a renewable resource

Regional economic
stagnation / funding

Northern funding should be based on Equity not Equality

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