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David Bruno Politician - David Bruno Politicien


As founder and CEO of a global cyber security firm, David Bruno specializes in anti-fraud and anti-corporate espionage systems for banks and financial institutions worldwide. Through his company, Secure Swiss Data, he provides financial sector solutions for the digital and interactive e-commerce sectors. For 20 years he has worked to provide security protections to the masses. While studying International Relations in Spain, he was hired by a telecom company for their new office, working out of both Barcelona and Montreal, Canada as a business development manager. It was here that his career advocating for fraud prevention systems began. He has since taken a number of courses in topics including DDoS, identity theft, anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing.

On the fraud prevention count, David has a number of initiatives on the go. He has found a stigma attached to anyone who seeks privacy, in that they can some times be viewed as having something to hide. To further the interests personal protection and individual preservation in the cyber world, he is working to change this perception so more will feel emboldened to act. He has invested his own money in a free encrypted email server for the public. Born of immigrant parents, he understands the challenges they face and makes a considerable effort to help refugees through the web site or at conferences. He educates on the surveillance of email in general and the importance of encryption, especially for vulnerable populations. He teaches ethics and anti-money laundering courses in the Canadian Region, and is working with the government on the development and refinement of its new digital charter, a cyber security policy named “Canada’s Digital Charter”.

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Priorities Why Security Matters

We have entered a whole new era today, having gone digital at rapid pace. Many have suffered the consequences of personal data exposure or online harassment and believe these incidents often trace back to rogue governments around the world. Times have changed, and continue to change at a dizzying rate. We are experiencing a paradigm shift in humanity as a whole. David wants a public who understands of the dangers before them and of engaging the virtual world without forethought.

As the principal consultant for financial institutions and banks worldwide, David educates on information security, anti-hack and anti-corporate espionage systems. Today’s digital world is fraught with threats to our identity, security and bottom line. It is David’s mission to harness the technological expertise he continues to accumulate in order to help combat online abuse and provide better protections for Canadians.

“I am deeply concerned with destructive bots and scandals surrounding social media and political platforms in general, as well as foreign interference in democracies around the world. Canada is no exception. We are facing an unprecedented onslaught of fraudulent activity and we need a comprehensive strategy to defend ourselves against these threats. It is my mission to harness the technological expertise I’ve gained over the years and use it to help combat online abuses, and provide better protections for all Canadians.”

“I also want to tackle things like revitalising our natural resources, protecting our forests and reducing our carbon emissions. We are facing an urgent call to help battle climate change and I want to be part of the global movement inspired by young people today. The elimination of single-use plastics is an example of the right way forward.” ~David

Political Experience

Born and raised in Northwestern Ontario, David’s political interests took root at Lakehead University, where he worked to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with Honours, completing a four-year term in three. During this time he also served in the Canadian military as a young Second Lieutenant. When he decided to pursue a Masters in International Relations and Communications in Madrid, he received an Honourable Discharge and was awarded the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship to study abroad focusing on economics, international law and information science. His experience there afforded him rich insight into how different governments function and talk to each other on a diplomatic level, as well as Canadian missions playing out abroad. He was granted an internship at the Canadian Embassy in Madrid, where he acted as an interpreter. As he is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian he was a valuable asset there.

David possesses a profound understanding of the Canadian political system and is an astute observer by any stretch, he has the ability to see through partisan views to the real heart of the matter and has experience on local, provincial and federal levels. He is a passionate believer in the Canadian Senate, its independent impartiality as introduced in 2016, and is committed to working hard to preserve it and protect it.

Throughout David’s studies at Lakehead, he recruited guests speakers as President of the Political Science Club and organized trips to political symposiums across Canada and the US. For the LU delegation, he organized several trips to Model United Nations Conferences to learn about how the United Nations runs and why it matters to global affairs, including one trip to the actual UN in New York. His initiative here led to multiple awards such as the President’s Award of Lakehead University, the Princess Beatrice Award for Leadership and the Margaret S. Sideen Award for Excellence.

David Bruno Political Position - David Bruno Position politique
Contact and Meeting with  David Bruno - Contact et rencontre avec David Bruno

Priorities General Background

David’s “other” profession is known to many in Thunder Bay, where he has been serving the community for many years as part of a family-run business. Donato’s Bakery has long been a pillar in the region and has earned a strong reputation for philanthropy, something David credits his mother with. Together, they routinely give back to the community, volunteering for charitable causes including sponsoring Syrian refugees. The bakery had hired three already. The business serves the full rainbow of peoples: Indigenous, Italian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Finnish, English, French, Scottish and now Syrian.

To help keep his century old family traditions alive, David returned to Italy with his late father as often as he could to get ingredients not available in Canada, such as the rare black anise seeds famously hand pick in the hills of Calabria.

White Papers

The threat of identity theft, data loss, election interference and cyber crime has never been greater and more widespread. All around the world democracies and citizens have had to contend with it. Online fraud and destructive bots on social media create a toxic atmosphere.

The proliferation of our data economy is significant and tends to dominate our lives. Our personal information is constantly under attack. Our data is being mined at an unprecedented pace, often without our knowledge. And Canada is a prime target.

We all need to take heed. According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), Canada is the third most vulnerable country in the world to cyber attacks. This affords carte blanche to rogue governments, nefarious corporations and bad actors to do as they please. For this reason the Canadian Government has found the need to develop a comprehensive Digital Charter. This Charter outlines ten principles that can be implemented to fight cyber crime and David’s policy contribution has been included. Furthermore, David’s White Papers on the subject have been well received by the Government and helped certain Ministers formulate national policy.

David Bruno Political Position - David Bruno Position politique